Caregiving Tutorials

Caregiving FAQ
When caring for someone with a progressive illness,things can hum along just fine for a while. You get a routine going, and you feel fairly confident that you’ve got it figured out. More

The 411 on DME
Durable Medical Equipment (aka DME) can make an incredible difference for the patient and the caregiver. Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance companies will provide necessary medical equipment with a doctor’s order. More

The Caregiver’s Toolkit
These are things I couldn’t do without. More

Number 2 is Number 1
Not a pleasant topic, but if you are a primary caregiver, you really need to know about this. Constipation is a common problem for sick people. More

Is It Time to Call Hospice?
Hospice part I : Separating Fact from Fiction
Hospice part II: Criteria for Admission
Hospice part III: Program Basics

When a Bed Becomes the World
When a patient is confined to bed, even temporarily after surgery, attending to the details of comfort is vitally important. More.


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