About the Peacock

I love peacocks. I love the colors. I love the shocking beauty of that glorious spread of feathers. The peacock on the home page of my blog is a shout-out to the patron saint of my writing, Flannery O’Connor, who was an avid peacock aficionado.

If I were a bird, I’d be a little gray sparrow. The one thing I have in common with the peacock is the tendency toward pride. Here is a goofy bird with a load of treasure on his back, strutting around as if he’s personally responsible for it. Did he put it there? Did he earn it? No and No. His only purpose is to share it with the world.

My goal is to meet Jesus empty-handed. I want to spend my gifts, holding back nothing of what I’ve been given. On the last day of my life, I want to be a naked peacock without a feather to my name.


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