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Caring for others really comes down to lending strength and bearing witness. There’s a million ways this can be done, but real help fits into one of those categories.

In SIMPLE COMFORT, I share stories and tips on answering the call to care.  When co-workers, friends or extended family members have a minor or major crisis, you will want to offer a drop of comfort. The problem is, most of us mutter, “If there’s anything I can do…” and then run for it. Being in the presence of a suffering person is scary. I want to share sterling examples and cautionary tales to help you power through the fear and do what you are called to do.

We’ll also explore how to help a person living with a serious illness. If you are human, you will be called, at many times in your life, to be a caregiver. Rarely, you will be called as the primary caregiver (that’s caregiving on steroids!) and I have tutorials for that.

WISING UP is a harvest of wisdom I’ve collected. At every critical juncture in my life, a wise woman has happened along and provided exactly what I needed, precisely when I needed it. And I’ll also share some of the things I’ve learned the hard way.  That’s what wise women do, and I’m determined to become one.

FAITH MATTERS is a place to share some juicy fruit from the spiritual life. Even though I came straight to my parents from the arms of mother Church (thanks to Catholic Charities, Our Lady of Victory Home for Unwed Mothers, and the generosity of a seventeen year old girl), it took three decades and a good old-fashioned conversion experience to grow into that faith. And now, 23 years later, I couldn’t function without my daily bread.

I’ll also share stories from my work. I count the best stories as my treasure, but they are painful to collect, and usually happen at 3 a.m. Some are funny, others will make you cry. (I’ll warn you when you need to get out the tissues.)


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